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Why Sale?

So the new question that I asked myself and ask anybody involved in Sales. Why are you selling what you’re selling? What’s pushing you to sell? Who’s pushing you? The number one question that you should ask yourself is do you believe in the product that you sell? If you are an orange salesman then you had better believe that oranges will have a positive effect on your customers, as it will show in your presentation. If you aren’t selling what you believe in then take the time and patience to move to or start selling whatever you believe in. I understand many times why people say to do what you LOVE. As in doing what you LOVE will bring you closer to what you believe in so your sales process will be a lot stronger. Lastly if you are doing what you LOVE and can’t seem to find the motivation to sell, then go back to the beginning. Remember why you started. What about your product or service did you LOVE to do or give?

Okay my friends, enjoy your day, hour, minute, and seconds here, and remember one door closes and another door opens…….Jamaal R. James