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Jalwaa Advertising presents the 3 Traits of Successful Sales People

I was reading online about advertising, sales, and marketing training and thought to myself what are 3 key traits that people who are successful at sales possess. The three key traits that came to mind were these:

1. Belief

If you believe in your product or service it’s much easier for you to sell it. If you believe in your product or service you know the ins and outs of your product and service. You know what your competition sells and how your product or service is weak in some areas and strong in other areas. You must have faith and belief in yourself that you are the person who deserves the reward from selling your product or service. You must also believe that people will want to buy the product or service that you offer.

2. Determination

The second belief that one must possess is determination. If you sell a quick product that can be readily consumed then this trait you may not think you’ll need. But you do need determination if you sell many small products because you have to wait over time for many, many people to buy your product over and over again. The same thing if you over a service you must wait for people to use your service over and over again. If you sell a product or give a service that is elite or only a few people use but pay a great sum of money for then you need determination. Determination to persevere and go to prospect after prospect with the same smile on your face knowing that someone some where needs your product or service.

3. Attitude

Lastly the attitude of the sales person in the eyes of the prospect is a reflection of the sales person and the organization itself. The sales person should present a can do attitude that what whatever you are lacking or need in the prospects life, this product or service can feel that need. The attitude that yes there are other products out there but my product meets your specific needs better and presently more than the other products on the market.

I hope you have enjoyed these 3 key traits of successful sales people. Please bookmark this page and read over and over to yourself everyday or when you get discouraged in reaching your sales goals.